On Pet Peeves

Since we have a shared addiction to grammar (and I-have-better-grammar-than-thou judgement), I thought you might enjoy this. It solves almost everything that makes the voices in my head scream “IT’S NOT _________ (insert YOU’RE/IT’S/WHO’S/THERE, etc), IT’S __________ (insert YOUR/ITS/WHOSE/THEIR, etc)“. Don’t even get the voices in my head started on literally.

What’s up with you and pillows? And ice lollies?

In reference to your comment on crunching your carrots because it annoyed me: you should know that it was more than a pet peeve. Apparently you were heartlessly aggravating my self-diagnosed condition.

Your’s (JOKE. Please don’t drop kick me) Truly,

Big Sis


5 thoughts on “On Pet Peeves

  1. Nani says:

    Interesting. Did’nt know you two were into grammar. Actually it’s easier when you have to learn the language from scratch which usually means grammar ad nauseam! If you keep this up I will know more about your hidden personalities!

  2. Johanna Andrei says:

    I already left a comment. It is awaiting “moderation”, don’t ask me why. So here goes the second.

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